Soothes muscle & joint pain


EZ Massager was born out of complete frustration. It’s true. After years of suffering muscle pain, John Taalman, designer and inventor, was sick of applying creams with his hands. He just couldn’t massage deep enough to ease the pain, and it was just so messy. He couldn’t find a better way… so he decided to make one. Now, thousands of people are finding the relief they need. All thanks to John.


2% Menthol

Proven relief thousands reach for every day. Deliver a soothing blend of 2% menthol and arnica oil deep into the muscle for instant relief from aches and pains in muscles and joints.

Extra Strength
4% Menthol

Sometimes you need an extra punch of relief for aching muscles and joints. Extra Strength delivers an intense blend of 4% menthol and arnica oil deep into muscles for instant relief from the most stubborn aches and pains.


Soothes muscle & joint pain

Pop the top and start your soothing massage. The dual rollers increase bloodflow to overworked or sore muscles and joints while delivering soothing menthol and arnica.


EZ Grip

EZ Massager's EZ grip container provides an even distribution of the topical gel and is a simple solution to self-application. The massager can be held in one hand, and applied to the desired area, including those hard to reach areas. Very little pressure is required to give a deep and meaningful massage.


Patented Dual Massage Rollers

The dual patented roller massager balls are the correct distance apart making it extremely easy to massage pressure points on the neck, back & particularly along the shoulder blades.

quick dry.png

Quick Drying Arnica & Menthol Gel

A combination of quick drying menthol and arnica oil give long lasting relief for aches, pains & swelling. Arnica oil reduces swelling, and decreases pain and menthol helps to alleviate muscle cramps and sprains. The gel only dispenses until the skin is coated leaving just the right amount on your skin.


Our EZ Grip and dual rollers make application easy and mess free. Massage anywhere, anytime for fast pain relief.


On the Go


At Work

Gym Bag

In your Gym Bag


At Home


What the People are Saying

I’m a runner. If I’m not on the treadmill, I’m on the streets of my neighborhood. I was always using creams and balms to soothe my leg muscles. But it was always so messy! I never seemed to get the smell off my hands. EZ massager is so easy and mess free! And I get a massage!
— Sarah, Original User
I spend most of the day on my feet (construction). I used to live by Bengay, then a friend told me about EZ. Why not try, right? Well, you know what? This thing works. Bye-bye Bengay.
— Robert, Extra Strength